Harmony Recovery Group

Harmony Recovery Group is an addiction recovery group with treatment centers all over the country. They hired us to create their social media presence. The challenge? Removing the stigma from addiction. How we did it? We started an honest conversation with the followers and their families as a support group, created a motivational community focusing on the causes behind addiction and on day to day holistic ways to improve life in recovery. Our goal was to have a fresh, light and optimistic voice, promoting mental health and staying away from the competition by refusing to victimize our patients. We chose to empower them instead, that is how our movement and hashtag #EmpoweredInHarmony was born.

Social Media Content

Social Media Overview

6 Months Metrics

273.7K Impressions

3.6K Organic Followers


4.5K Average Engagements Month

Graphic Design & Unifying Brands

Harmony Recovery Group owned 6 Treatment Centers in United States, our biggest challenge when it came to visual strategy was to unify all treatment centers under the brand, since each treatment center had their own name and branding. The following trifolds we created for partner hospitals are an example of our effort to standardize all visual designs coming from all of the treatment centers.

Video Strategy

We based a lot of our social media strategy on video production, from treatment center facilities to patient testimonials, Harmony Recovery Group has now a large library of video content to use for advertising, websites, presentations & social media.