SOAR Medicine

Creating a digital identity for the coolest Sports Medicine hospital we've ever been to.


Finding a voice and an aesthetic.

SOAR Medicine contacted us before launching their new orthopedic hospital in Oviedo, FL. Their approach to sports medicine was based on breakthrough regenerative stem cells and PRP treatments and their marketing goal was to be nothing like a traditional hospital. Our mission: to create content that reflected their modern and bold approach to injured athletes. Our target: the weekend warrior.

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Social Media

How do you make a healthcare business stand out in a crowded market? By making it about the people. Through social media we built an online weekend athletes community, sharing tips from SOAR about nutrition, exercise and injury prevention. Pairing that strategy with high impact images and videos, the profile became a channel for information exchange between athletes, physical trainers, and doctors. We opened the conversation to the followers to bring their questions and concerns to the SOAR team and allowed them to get answers from professionals without ever leaving their home. The hashtag #togetherweSOAR was implemented to gather all this educational content on the platforms for easy access.


Video Strategy

SOAR followers didn't always understand the regenerative treatments they specialized in, stem cells and PRP are still new approaches to the orthopedic medicine. To explain the benefits of the treatments and how the SOAR team works, we found a way to allow the users to follow the progress of an injured athlete from the first to the last appointment. Tiffany VanDeMark was a fitness competitor and personal training for over a decade. Every year she completed a different fitness challenged, and in 2018 she chose the Spartan Race. When she suffered a back injury followed by a foot injury whilst training, she visited SOAR Medicine to treat the injuries without quitting her challenge of the year. We followed Tiffany's project for 6 months to create the "From Injured To Spartan" documentary that was utilized across all of SOAR's digital platforms.


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6 Months Metrics

558.3K Impressions

2,078% increase in followers

1,862% increase in impressions

1,009% Increase in engagement

319 Conversions